Flexi 2nd & 3rd Mortgage

Max equity release

100k – 3m


Up To 80%


1 to 36 Months



Use of Funds

A loan is available for business purposes to an individual or a company on existing 2nd & 3rd mortgages. e.g. Cash-out, working capital and equity release.


Monthly repayment, lump-sum repayments or a combination of your choosing

Helping commercial borrowers with flexible property finance for since


Access extra working capital, buy your business premises or grow your investment portfolio. Assetline Capital can help you buy or refinance residential or commercial property with long-term, cost-effective funding.


How much can I borrow?

You can Borrow from $100,000 up to $6,000,000

Who is eligible to borrow from us?

Maxiron lends to companies, partnerships, and individuals provided there is a genuine business purpose. If the borrower is a company or trust with a company trustee, then the loan is for business purposes.

Does Maxiron Capital provide unsecured finance?

No, Maxiron Capital only provides finance secured by Australian real estate with available equity. First or second mortgages may be used.

Can I pay off the loan early and is there any penalty if I do so?

You can pay the loan back early and there is no penalty for doing so. In fact, you will save the 50% unpaid interest.