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What is an SMSF Loan in Australia?

SMSF Loans in Australia
  • Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) loan uses self-managed Super Funds to purchase an investment property.
  • The loan makes a profit or increments to the super fund through the addition of ROI (Return on investments) made to it.
  • This Return of investment can be in the form of rental income, capital gains or any other profit coming from the purchase of the respective property.
  • The property purchased using SMSF Loans cannot be utilized for self-living but for investment and additional benefits only.

Australian SMSF Features and Benefits

- Investment oriented – property cannot be used for personal use but only to acquire ROI.
- Limited Recourse – property is the source of security claim, nothing else is considered.
- Transferrable ownership – when SMSF loan is repaid, real estate is transferred to SMSF.
- Authorized for property deeds – can renovate, lease, repair and trade. Note that some terms & conditions may not give authorization to do so.
- All ROI is directly transferrable.
- Flexible SMSF terms & conditions.
- No additional collateral required – property up to 50 sqm is acceptable in form of security property.
- Instant retirement savings growth.
- Lack of Tax Liabilities.

Case Study: An example of obtaining a SMSF loan

Clara and Ronald has a SMSF worth $300,000 in the account. As the trustees of the account, they wish to purchase a property valued $620,000. To get this property, a trustee purchases this property under their behalf, and sets up instalment arrangements for repayment. Clara and Ronald’s super funds pays a $62,000 deposit (10%) and their SMSF obtains a loan of $434,000– totaling to 70% of the property value. The remaining $124,000 is to be paid off from funds reserves at settlement. Once the loan is paid off, the legal ownership of the property can be transferred to the SMSF.

Can I qualify for an SMSF Commercial Loans?

SMSF Commercial Loans

There are various conditions in the context of SMSF Loans comparison to the eligibility for qualifying loans, take a glimpse—

  • The borrower must not be a minor
  • The borrower must be an Australian Citizen or an Australian Immigrant
  • The borrower must meet the requirements of the SIS Act in the context of investment level and liquidity levels
  • Borrower Must take hold of ABN, Australian Business Number in case of SMSF Commercial Loans.
  • SMSF Trustee must not be the property trustee, i.e., an investment in the presence of an unrelated third party is to be made where borrower stands as the investor

How to get an SMSF Property Loans?

SMSF Property Loans

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Step 1

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FAQs about SMSF loans

  • Can I vacate into the invested property?

    No. As a SMSF, you can only move into a property you purchase once you have paid off the loan and transfer the property to yourself after you retire.

  • Is the property transferrable?

    Yes. The trustee of the SMSF can sell the property to any third party, upon paying out all outstanding loans.

  • Is it hard to get pre-approved?

    No, with Maxiron Capital, obtaining a pre-approval is easy. We have revised our application process, and with just 5 minutes of your time, we will give you a pre-approval of whether or not you will be eligible for the loan.