Apply and Qualify for Residential Home Loan in Australia

What is the Residential Home Loans in Australia?

Residential Home Loans in Australia
  • Residential home loans are specific to financing one’s residential motives
  • In simpler words, Residential Home Loans are opt-able to those who wish to obtain a residence, building or part of a land for the sole purpose of residing in

Residential home loan in Australia

The residential home loans in Australia have been categorized into

  • Fixed residential home loans
  • Variable residential home loans
Fixed residential home loan
Variable residential home loan
- Rate of interest stays 'fixed' in the long run
- Rate of interest changes unknowingly, depending on cash rate with RBA

Pros and cons of fixed loans

- Protection against interest rate rises
- Easier planning and budgeting for the future
- Won't benefit from a drop in interest rate
- A redraw may not be offered when needed

Pros and cons of variable loans

- Option to make additional repayments
- Access to more features - unlimited redraws
- Increase in repayments in the event of increase in interest rates
- Harder to plan and budget in the future

Why should I opt for a Residential Home Loans with Maxiron Capital?

The Maxiron team consists members that are specialists within the financial industry, and have many years of extensive experience under their belt. Here at Maxiron Capital, we ensure that our customer’s needs are placed before anything else, and have tailored our residential home loan with our customers in mind.

Some of the benefits with our Residential Home loan solution at Maxiron Capital includes:

  • Option to choose a fixed or variable term to suit our customer’s current and future needs
  • Quicker repayment of loan - our solutions focus on repaying the principal amount rather than the interest amount
  • Access to our “Redraw” facility in case of emergency
  • Option for our “Pause Repayment” feature – pausing the loan in the event of holidays, maternity leaves and others (as per the terms & conditions)

Can I qualify residential home loan funding?

New Residential Home For Sale in Australia

Residential Home Loans are applicable to any official individual (i.e., 18 aged or more), trustee, company, or an individual who falls in multiple categories as previously described. In noteworthy of mentioning, to qualify for Residential Home Loan funding, one must—

  • Be interested to purchase property for the purpose of residence only and not any commercial benefit
  • The company must not be following Limited Liability policy
  • Must not be a Club, association or a minor
  • Must not be a Hybrid Trust
  • Must be a permanent or temporary resident of Australia, a citizen of Australia or an Australian Expats (for example, employed overseas)

About Maxiron Capital

Here at Maxiron Capital, we offer one of the fasted Residential Home Loan solutions in Australia. With our low documented and hassle-free process, we’ve made the application easy. For you to get started, simply follow these three steps!

Step 1

Fill out our pre-approval form - it takes only 5 minutes!

Step 2

Receive an immediate decision = upload a few documents for verification

Step 3

Receive your funds in as quick as 1 working day

Our way of qualifying an individual does not depend upon their previous credit history. We understand that previous credit reports are not a great indication of one’s ability to repay, and thus offer a chance for everyone, even start ups!