Non-Pr Loan Up to $3M in 24 hours.

Flexi Non-Pr Loan
Loan Amount
$50,000 to $3,000,000
Loan Term
1 to 36 months
Up to 75%
  • No postcode/location Restrictions
  • No income requirement
  • No citizen/PR requiment
  • No credit score requirement
  • No cap on age
Monthly repayment, lump-sum repayments or a combination of your choosing
Use of Fund
A loan is available for business purposes to an individual or a company on existing 1st & 2nd mortgages. e.g. commercial property purchase, equity release and cash flow.

Please contact us to know more about our Low and Competitive interest rates.

Case Study

Request Amount:
Business Type:
Hotel in Kangaroo Island
Loan purpose:
Needing a short term cashflow to pay for other business running cost due to COVID
Property in Adelaide valued at $3,800,000 on 1st Mortgage
$500,000 in capitalised for 5 months with extension option
Client result:
Resolved the client's short term cashflow problem to pay for other business running cost. Loan was paid off with receivables in 7 month using our extension option.
Request Amount:
Business Type:
Developer in Mel metro
Loan purpose:
Needing funds to payout the construction costs
Property in Metro Sydney valued at $3,900,000 on 1st mortgage
$1,300,000 with IO for 10 months
Client result:
Resolved the client's fund problem to pay for the construction costs. Loan was paid off with receivables in 10 months.

How To Apply?

Step 1

Fill out our pre-approval form - it takes only 5 minutes!

Step 2

Receive an immediate decision - upload a few documents for verification

Step 3

Receive your funds in as quick as 1 working day


  • Can a non-residen get a loan ?

    Yes, Maxiron Capital is happy to assist non-resident to get a loan.

  • How much can I borrow ?

    We offer real estate against lending with a maximum of 75% of the valuation. We offer loans starting from $50,000, up to $3,000,000 on either 1st mortgage loans or 2nd Mortgage loans. ( Loans over $3,000,000 considered on a case by case basis)

  • How can I qualify for this loan as a temporary resident?

    At Maxiron Capital, we place upmost pride in ourselves to deliver our customers a fast and seamless process. Simply have a property that has sufficient equity, which registered in the name of the business owner(s).