Mezzanine Finance in Australia

What is a mezzanine financing?

  • Mezzanine finance in Australia refers to access of funds in the absence of specific documents akin to financial statements, income proof, and Tax returns.
  • In simple words, Mezzanine Financing does not ask for documents unlike traditional loans in Australia.

What do I need to know about mezzanine loans?

  • Mezzanine loan are a very popular loan option for businesses operating at a smaller scale such as start-ups and self-employed individuals.
  • The absence of strict legal documentation makes it an easy option as capital can be accessed at an earlier date.
  • Mezzanine financing can be long-term and short-term depending on the borrower’s needs.

What are some features of mezzanine finance?

  • Flexible repayments
  • On-the-spot approval
  • Access to finance in the absence of strict loan documents (Tax Return and Financial Statement)
  • There is anytime access to mezzanine funds
  • Flexible terms - can be a short term or long term option depending on the borrower's needs
  • Minimum 70% Loan to Value Ratio counted

What are some benefits of mezzanine finance?

Variety of options
A variety of options are available to the borrowers in the context of commercial use of mezzanine funds
Quick approval
Quick approval and transfer of funds to the bank account as the absence of strict documents quickens the inspection process.
Flexibility assists borrower to adjust the repayment when needed. This helps the borrower to stay uniform on repayment of Mezzanine Loan.
Meet commercial needs
Lenders open the paths of the Maximum level of Mezzanine Debt Exposure which helps the borrower dedicate its capital elsewhere so it can focus on meeting its commercial needs.
Absence of collateral
A collateral is optional, and his helps the borrower to risk a valuable asset based off their own choice.
Competitive rates
Competitive rates assist the borrower to pay the loan principal amount in the absence of interest-stress.

Can I qualify for mezzanine loan?

There are five must fulfilled eligibility criteria in order to get qualify for Mezzanine Loan, these criteria are—

  • Self-Employment Certification along with a valid Australian Business Number (ABN) for at least six months and more.
  • An accountant's Letter, a Business Activity Statement (most preferable) or a Business Banking Statement
  • Scanned copy of Commercial Lease Agreement
  • Income Declaration
  • Must not be a minor

If you fulfill all the above requirements, you are welcome to access a Mezzanine Fund with Maxiron Capital.

How to get the mezzanine fund?

With Maxiron Capital, it's easy. Simply follow the three simple steps

Apply Online

Submit the eligible form in this page, you will be required to fill an application form - it takes only 5 minutes to complete!

Verified Documents

Our term of loan consultants will ask for several verified documents. A near immediate approval will be made once the documents have been received.

Loan Transfer

Once your loan has been approved, the funds can be transferred into your account in as fast at 24 hours.

Why Maxiron Capital?

Here at Maxiron Capital we offer low document, flexible and commercial collateral-free loans to Australian business owners. We offer competitive rates of 1% interest monthly payable, and a flexible line of credit to ensure that we are able to meet all your needs. We operate under the belief that meeting our customer needs is our foremost priority and that our customers are satisfied with our flexible repayment options.