Equity Releaser

Accessing your property equity has never been easier

Are you sick of waiting for months just to get a response from banks?
Are you sick of the endless questions and documentation only to have your loan application declined?

You are not alone, thousands of property owners just like you are faced with the same problem.

Maxiron Capital born from the frustration of property owners like yourself. We have flipped the ‘Property Equity Release’ upside down to offer you a quick loan decision (pre-qualify), not in months but in 60 seconds and funding as fast as 24 hours.

How is property equity calculated?

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Why Choose Maxiron Capital for Equity Releaser?

Loan Amount
$100,000 - $2,000,000
1 month to 36 months
Either monthly payment, lump sum payments or a combination of your choosing
Suitable For
Property owners that wish to releaser real estate equity for their businesses
Use of Fund

Loan is available for business use.
e.g. start-up, cash flow, commercial property purchase

In the future, we can allow for funds for personal use; stay tuned.

Interest rate

Competitive rate starts from 0.75% per month..

An obligation free loan proposal will be provided to you with interest rates listed for your consideration. Most of our clients find their rate very competitive. However, if you don’t find it suitable, you are free to withdraw at no cost.

Line of Credit

Property Equity Releaser - Frequently Asked Questions