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Bridging Loans Explained

A bridging loan, also known as interim financing, is a temporary short-term funding option which allows your business to receive funding before a permanent solution is found. It is often difficult to precisely match up the dates between the sale of an old asset and the purchase of a new one. The bridging loan provides you access to cash during this period to fund the purchase before your old asset is sold. Once the old asset has been disposed of, the capital raised from the sale can be used to pay off the bridging finance approval.

Usually, getting such a loan from traditional banks and other conventional lending institutions is a tall order. This is mainly due to the fact that most of them may not even have that option of bridging finance to start with. Secondly, they have restricted lending criteria and stringent requirements for one to acquire a loan, leave alone bridging finance. If you are lucky to get one, which is highly unlikely, their rates and the existence of some hidden charges would hit you. These are the last things you will want to experience as a business owner in need of financing.

We have come to your rescue. Our bridging loans Australia are designed to save yourself or business when upgrading your equipment, property or any other asset that you may have. It reaches a point say in your business where you may need to dispose of your old equipment and acquire new ones to achieve higher production. Our bridging finance enables you to buy modern equipment or any asset even before you are able to raise funds from selling the old equipment or any asset. We give you funds to purchase your desired modern equipment or property as you plan on how to dispose of the old ones.

Where can I get Bridging Loans in Australia?

At Maxiron Capital, we serve the whole of Australia. All our services are available online including bridging loans, and they can, therefore, be accessed from any part of the country.

We serve mostly purchasers of real estate properties as our bridging finance clients. We are however open to all business across the industry and all the sectors of the economy as well as long as they deal with purchase of property of equipment.

What is the Application Process for Bridging Loans?

We have put into consideration convenience and time when designing bridging loans. We want you to spend the least time on the application process and for the loan to be ready for use in the shortest time possible. We offer a seamless application process. This entails:

  • Complete online application form, after which you get a pre-approval
  • Upload basic documents and sign the contract
  • Have the funds transferred on the same day!

How Bridging Finance Works?

Bridging loans are best suited to when an individual or a business owner requires funds for a short period of time to purchase a new asset which is either a property, equipment, etc. while waiting for the sale of the present asset.

In particular, bridging finance is most commonly utilised by purchasers of real estate assets. Just as in the real world, many of us find the perfect new home before we are able to "offload" our existing one. This creates the need for finance to buy the perfect home after which we can “offload” the existing one, and the capital can then repay the finance sought.

Bridging finance can also work for businesses. This is in the case of upgrading equipment or properties. Bridging loans help your business access cash to upgrade by buying the modern equipment as they wait to dispose of the old ones.

About Maxiron Capital

Maxiron Capital is committed to providing the most flexible and suitable bridging loans in Australia, to everyday people just like you. Maxiron Capital is recognised as the leader in the short-term lending industry, receiving many awards for their excellence in customer service.

We will also consider bridging loans for those with bad credit.

Obtaining a bridging finance with Maxiron Capital can offer benefits such as:
  • Searching for a new asset with freedom, without worrying about the settlement of your existing asset.
  • Flexible repayments
  • Competitive bridging loan interest rates
  • Using proceeds from the sale of your assets to reduce interest payments
  • Quick turnaround time means you have more time to properly settle your assets

FAQs about the second mortgage

  • How long can you have a bridging loan for?

    For most lenders in Australia, a bridging loan covers a repayment period of 12 months.

    However at Maxiron Capital, we value flexibility and understand that the business situation for each owner is different, hence we offer a repayment period of up to 60 months.

  • My property is mortgaged, can it still be used as security for a bridging loan?

    Yes, if you have a current mortgage, we can still lend against your property.