Our Mission

Maxiron Group was founded in 2002 to maximise our clients WealthBeing™

Maxiron Capital as a subsidiary of Maxiron Group has been setup to provide property equity release to much-needed Australians and businesses.

With over $320 million worth of transactions so far, we are #1 in Property Equity Release.

Since inception

$320 million

Property-backed securities


Loan applications received

For 18 years…

Group has been helping Australians

Proudly Australian

Locally owned and operated


With 5 millions households currently owning their own homes1 and 1 million of this proportion owning one or more investment properties2, Australians have tried to make much of their worth through real estate.

In the recent decade of uncertainty in the banking climate, banks have tightened their ‘cash-out’ policy on real estate. As a result, a market demand gap of $16 billion3 per year has been created from individuals, the self-employed and businesses that wish to release equity from their real estate properties.

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2. 4130.0 - Housing Occupancy and Costs, 2015-16
3. Maxiron Research 2018


It is a painstaking process for those seeking to top-up their bank’s mortgage to release property equity; most of the cases, their application would eventually be declined.

For most property owners, selling their real estate would be the only option available to access their equity.

As the #1 leader in property equity release, Maxiron Capital understands the frustrations that millions of property owner face. For this reason, iDecision™ was born. iDecision™ allows you to get an upfront loan result (pre-qualify) in just 60 seconds and funding as fast as 24 hours.

So far, Maxiron Capital has lent against $320 million worth of real estate properties and counting. See for yourself, apply and get a pre-qualify result in 60 seconds.


AI Technology + HI Technology (Human Intelligence) = iDecision™

Building on our extensive industry experience, we have invested $1.1m over 3 years to develop our state-of-the-art credit scoring system. iDecision™ has processed over 300,000 loan application and with machine-learning at its core to access to over 3300 data points in real time. Loan decisions have never been more accurate and most importantly to our clients, has never been faster.


iDecision™’s machine learning-based technology encompasses all aspects of our eco-system from loan application, credit decisioning, legal documentation, account management to post client service.

Machine learning algorithms that iDecision™ utilises, analyses a large amount of historical real estate and application data, to formulate predictions through a forecast based upon previous trends. The system examines the historical data of applicants wishing to apply for loans, particularly taking into account indicators such as their business or individual income, banking activities and previous credit records.

In the event of a successful application, the machine learning algorithms analyse data on the clients' characteristics throughout the whole loan application process, which is further added into the pool of data. This updates the pre-existing information to continually allow for more precise credit decisions; leading to lower loan default and subsequently lower cost to clients.